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Zero to Python Hero

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The Zero to Python Hero E-Book is officially available! Get your copy now and take your Python knowledge to the next level, no prior experience is required.

By purchasing this E-Book, you'll also gain access to an exclusive Discord server where you'll be able to ask any questions throughout your learning journey!


1. Getting Started

Introduction to the E-Book, system requirements, introduction to Python, setting up Python.

2. The Basics

First Python program, variables, comments, data types, strings, string methods, indentation.

3. Lists

Creating a list, adding, removing and changing list elements, list slicing, sorting and reversing a list, list comprehension, dealing with index errors, list functions.

4. Conditional Statements

if statements, if-else statements, if-elif-else statements, nested statements, logical and boolean operators, "in" keyword.

5. Loops

for loops, range() function, while loops, "break" and "continue" keywords, flag variables, while-else loops, printing patterns with loops.

6. User Input

input() function, int() function, float() function, creating a quiz game, creating a number guessing game.

7. Tuples

Creating a tuple, updating a tuple, iterating over a tuple, overwriting a tuple, unpacking a tuple, tuple methods.

8. Sets

Creating a set, accessing set items, adding and removing set items, mathematical operations on sets, set methods.

9. Dictionaries

Creating a dictionary, structure of a dictionary, accessing dictionary elements, iterating over a dictionary, adding and removing dictionary elements, dictionary methods.

10. Files & Exceptions

Introduction to paths, absolute vs relative path, opening files, reading from files, writing to files, dealing with exceptions.

11. Functions

Creating and calling a function, return statement, parameters and arguments, variables scope and lifetime, docstring, recursion.

12. Classes

Introduction to classes, OO and objects, creating a class, the __init__() method, creating objects, setting default attribute values, modifying an attribute, inheritance, importing modules.

13. Code Testing

Testing a function, introduction to Unit tests, writing a test, passing a test, failing a test, dealing with failed tests, adding multiple tests.

14. Python Snippets

Finding the IP and location of a URL, password generator, YouTube video downloader, SpeedTest program, network adapter configurator with WMI.

15. Solutions

Solutions for all the quizzes and exercises asked at the end of each chapter.

Benefits of this E-Book:

๐Ÿš€ No prior knowledge required

๐Ÿš€ FREE 1-1 support on Discord!

๐Ÿš€ Quizzes for each chapter

๐Ÿš€ All future updates are FREE!

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Zero to Python Hero

10 ratings
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